Rolls Royce Ghost 2021

Rolls Royce Ghost 2021 revealed – Brilliant Engineering


Rolls Royce has just unveiled its beautiful Ghost 2021 model. It took 10 years for Rolls Royce to upgrade its Ghost line up. This all new Rolls Royce Ghost 2021 is an Engineering marvel. It is not just about luxury. It is about everything Rolls Royce has done to create this beautiful car. Let us find out, shall we?

2021 Rolls Royce Ghost

Rolls Royce Ghost 2021

Rolls Royce is planning to launch its new 2021 Ghost models soon. Intricate details of this beautiful car has been published by reviewers across the globe. There are many features that are unique to this car. Many acoustic features are engineered to keep the car completely silent in the inside. Let us go through those items one by one.

Rolls Royce Ghost 2021 – Exterior Design

The all-new Rolls-Royce Ghost, a fresh ‘minimalist’ experience on the Baby Roller formula. As you’d expect, this Ghost is the most technically advanced car from the Goodwood brand so far. At the same time, just like their Crewe-based counterparts at Bentley, Rolls-Royce’s designers have had to keep the updates subtle in order to avoid alienating everyone already heavily into the brand.

Aluminum Chassis

The car is made of Aluminum chassis. This is to reduce weight and also to increase the overall acoustics of the car. We will come to the acoustic part soon.

Rolls Royce Ghost Exterior 1

As usual, Rolls Royce has chosen the minimalistic yet glorious design language for this car. It has straight lines with subtle curves making it one of the most elegant design. There is no way anybody can complaint about the Rolls Royce Ghost 2021 design.

Rolls Royce Ghost exterior 2

The A pillars, B pillars and C pillars are welded by two persons in the outside, while persons cooling the interior side of the welding part. This process is followed to make the interior joints look seamless without any welding joint visible.

Rolls Royce Ghost Exterior 3

Rolls Royce calls this car’s design as “Post Opulence”. We are told that the car’s design is completely made with feedback from its current customers. Current Rolls Royce customers wanted minimalistic design with less overtly detailed design. That is what Rolls Royce has come up with.

Rolls Royce Ghost exterior 4

In practice, that means Post Opulence is all about subtle and clean lines – both inside and outside the car. Look at pictures of the new and old Ghost and the changes are small but numerous. Shut lines have been cleaned up. Also, the overall flow evokes shapes throughout the brand’s history. The car just looks more cohesive. Still, Post Opulence doesn’t mean basic; in some areas, the new Ghost is even more visually impressive than the last.

Illuminated front grille – Pantheon grille

Rolls-Royce has taken a leaf out of parent company BMW’s playbook and illuminated the ‘Pantheon’ grille. Looks how beautiful it is. Some 20 LEDs were needed to create the downlit, architectural appearance.

Rolls Royce Ghost Pantheon Grille

When the Engineers where designing the Pantheon grille, they realized that the illumination is too bright. So they have decided to paint one side of the double sided grille in Matte finish. This has absolutely reduced the glare and illumination. The result is a subtle but aggressive illuminated grille.

Rolls Royce Ghost 2021 – Interior Design

The most important feature or specialty of this Rolls Royce Ghost 2021 is Acoustics in the interior. At most care has been taken to reduce the noise level inside the car. Rolls Royce wants their customers to have comfortable and silent ride in their cars. So they have went to a greater length to achieve this. Getting into the Ghost now involves door that open and close electrically. The car’s dashboard is now a design center piece. It took took two years and 10,000 hours to design and create this dashboard.

Rolls Royce Ghost Interior 1

The car unveiled by Rolls Royce had a white interior with black trims. It is leather everywhere. Surprisingly, there were less stitching in the leather. Nailing the acoustics of the new car has been a priority for Rolls Royce team. So, they added features such as a double-skinned bulkhead section and 100kg of sound absorbing materials. This made the interior very quieter. At the same time, the new Ghost benefits from double-glazed windows and tires lined with sound-insulating foam.

Rolls Royce Ghost Interior 2

Rolls Royce has gone with less stitches. Evidently this means, wherever possible a single large piece of leather is used instead of multiple stitched pieces. Believe me, this finish looks much more clean and clutter free. Comparing to other luxury cars where there are more stitches and more pieces of leathers, this looks absolutely brilliant.

Rolls Royce Ghost Interior 3

Rolls Royce mentioned that many of their customers like to drive their cars. So they have done a very good job in keeping the drivers seat as luxury as the passenger seats. Unlike Aston Martin with their Lagonda Taraf where they have focused more on the passenger seats leaving unequal experience to the driver. The car also has illuminated dashboard for front passenger. Rolls Royce mentioned that the front dashboard on the passenger car can be used as an Art gallery. They have the ability to illuminate anything the passenger can customize to.

Bespoke Audio System

The Rolls Royce Ghost 2021 has a monster 1300W Bespoke Audio sound system available. Additionally, it includes the use of ‘exciter’ speakers alongside traditional cone items. An example of this is the Starlight Headliner, which is transformed into one giant speaker by the process. Rolls Royce mentioned that the chassis has been designed with audio system into consideration. Some sections of the chassis and the hull are made hollow in order to create a more vibrating sound effect only to the sound system but not to the ride quality.

Rolls Royce Ghost Interior

Rolls Royce Ghost 2021 has a beautiful black wood finish. It is an absolutely beautiful wood stain that completely blends with the black and white theme of the interior. The wood stain lines are parallel to the respective design curve giving a blend of nature and artwork.

Rolls Royce Ghost Interior 2

Rolls Royce plank

The Rolls Royce Ghost plank inside the car shows how minimalistic the design is. God only knows, how much man hours spent to design and sculpt this beautiful plank

Rolls Royce Ghost Interior 3

The roof of the car is covered with star gazing design. Each of the star lights are illuminated with an advanced lighting system that dances to the selected theme at any moment. Located on the passenger side – like the Phantom – the interior features a glowing Ghost nameplate, surrounded by 850 stars. This effect is achieved by way of 152 LEDs, several layers of light guides and other materials that match the cabin.

Rolls Royce Ghost 4

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Two things that didn’t change from the previous Ghost

Rolls Royce mentioned that only two things didn’t change between the previous Ghost car and the 2021 model. They are

  • The Rolls Royce Ghost Umbrellas in the doors.
  • The Rolls Royce Spirit of Luxury in the bonnet.

Rolls Royce Ghost Spirit of Luxury

World first Planar Suspension

Rolls Royce mentioned that with the Ghost 2021, they have engineered a special suspension system. It is the world’s first ‘Planar’ suspension system that significantly increases agility and effortlessness. The Ghost’s V12 is mounted just after the front-axle for perfect 50/50 weight balance. The car’s length is 5546mm which is 89mm longer than the previous Ghost. Apparently, it also includes several other technologies that suggest it’ll be able to handle gracefully rather than nautically. At 1978mm wide, the new Ghost is also 30mm wider than the previous Ghost.

All the better for accommodating the new all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering systems, not to mention the ‘redesigned Planar Suspension System’. With the cameras and the gearbox trickery that uses the GPS data to make sure the car is in the appropriate gear. This is groundbreaking. Also, the Upper Wishbone Damper unit is a new and uniquely Rolls-Royce developed product. It has never before seen on any production vehicle. This sits above the front suspension assembly and works in harmony with the electronically controlled dampers and the self-levelling air springs at the nose of the car.

Rolls Royce Ghost 2021

Quite Tires

I can’t believe I am saying this. Rolls Royce mentioned that they have specifically requested these tires to be quiet so that it reduces noise inside the car. That is the level of attention Rolls Royce has been giving to their newest creation.

Four Wheel Steering

At the rear there’s a more familiar five-link arrangement with air springs and electronic dampers. Additionally, this car is having rear wheel steering. Add-in the all-wheel drive system, self-drying brakes and state-of-the-art stability control. A new Planar software co-ordinates all these features. It sounds fearsomely complicated, but also extremely intriguing. Rolls-Royce is calling the result ‘unprecedented levels of ride comfort and control for a motor car.’ We can’t wait to try it.

The Engine and Power train

Rolls Royce Ghost 2021 engine

The new 2021 Ghost uses the ‘proprietary’ Rolls-Royce saleable platform architecture as the latest Phantom and the Cullinan SUV. A 6.75-litre V12 twin-turbo engine powers the Rolls Royce Ghost 2021. This is an upgrade from the last generation 6.5-litre version. This new engine is capable of producing 563bhp and 626lb ft of torque. Maximum torque is available at an effortless 1600rpm. While at idle it is just 1000rpm. Goodwood’s engineers have also worked on getting the ride as quiet as possible even at high acceleration.

Rolls Royce Ghost 2021 price

Rolls Royce haven’t announced the price of their new Ghost yet. The price will be around 200,000 GBP. But you know how it is with Rolls-Royce. You can probably double that price if you decide to have a load of bespoke options.

Review Video

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