Maserati Fuoriserie Corse

Maserati Fuoriserie: Maserati Ghibli Trofeo Corse

The Maserati Ghibli Trofeo Corse that pays tribute to the Trident marque’s historic racing past with an unpainted look and a pair of vibrant double red stripes.

The Exterior

The exterior look is said to mimic a vintage F1 car. Inside, there’s yet more brushed aluminum and sporty Alcantara and retro leather.

There is a equal mix of leather and alcantara in the interior. The seats are more contemporary but still carries forward the legacy vintage F1 car seat looks.

The dashboard and center consoles are same as the original non Fuoriserie version of the car.

There are some exposed carbon fibers on the dash. Interestingly the brown leather color of the seats don’t match with the rest of the dashboard or the interior.

The red stripes on the roof of the car really stands out. It gives some sportiness to the look. It is more aggressive and looks track focused.

There are more alcantara visible than leather in this car. Most of the interior is finished with black aesthetics, except for the obviously bright brown seats.

The red Maserati Trident is a very good match for the overall aggressive sporty look of the car.

The brushed metal finish of the car really looks beautiful. More like Ratarossa from Ratarossa YouTube channel.

The unfinished brush aluminum really looks cool in this car.

The wheels match the same brushed bare metal finish like the car body.

The front scoop is also finished with the exposed brushed metal which absolutely looks cool.

The Maserati badge is also finished with the same metal finish which blends really well with the overall design of the car.

The red stripes on the bar metal finish looks absolutely aggressive and gives the car a very sporty look.


Bare metal finish, scary trident and aggressive red stripes: Smells track racing to me.

The top view is really amazing like the every other view of this car.

I personally believe that there should be more reds in the side. It looks all bare metal on the side.

The back view is as aggressive as the front view.

Maserati Ghibli Corse

The red calipers are the only non-metal finish on the side of the car. Looks good for a Maserati.


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