Upcoming Ferrari SUV Spotted In Test Camo

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Bigfoot’s Ferrari SUV Has Finally Been Spotted

With most major supercar manufacturers following suit and providing SUV options for soccer moms with a need-for-speed (I’m kidding, I’d totally drive one of these too), it was only a matter of time for Ferrari to show up to the party; and boy are they late. Not are they late, the party has been shut down, packed up, and everyone is sleeping comfortably at home in bed.

It’s been 2 years since the Lamborghini Urus rocketed to extreme success with its overweight traditional Lamborghini styling, and we still have another two(ish) years until the speculated official release of the upcoming 2022 Ferrari Purosangue SUV.

Images sourced and fully credited to thedrive.com

Although the unconfirmed official release is still quite aways out, it’s nice to see the vehicle out in the wild so we know Ferrari is hard at work turning our Italian SUV dreams into a reality.

As per  thedrive.com’s article (where I sourced the images from, they have 100% credit and ownership of the images), they speculate that this SUV will probably feature AWD, but we have no way to tell what configuration of power unit the car will use.

With this SUV most likely being a direct competitor to the Lamborghini Urus, we can expect the vehicle to produce close to the same (or a little more) horsepower than it’s 641 horsepower Lamborghini alter-ego. 

For all we know, this won’t even be the official body or styling of the car, only time will tell.

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