Ferrari 812 Superfast accident With Traction Control Turned Off

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Ferrari 812 Superfast accident with traction control turned off. What’s the point in driving around in (more than) a quarter-million-dollar car if you don’t get to show off once and a while?

This UK driver was obviously trying something slick (pardon the pun) because he had his GoPro rolling and traction turned off on public roadways.

In a typical turbo-charged, high horsepower vehicle, you’ll find yourself with a little bit of breathing room when hitting the gas before boost builds, and max torque kicks in. This is not the case in a naturally aspirated 789 horsepower Italian-designed V12 supercar. Two words: Power. Instant.


The moment this driver lays on the gas, the tires break free from traction and the RPM’s skyrocket to redline without leaving much time for correction before the driver finds himself laying in a $330,000 pile of 812 Superfast wreckage.

I personally ride a pretty high-horsepower sportbike and only turn off traction control on extremely hot days with direct sunlight and hot pavement; definitely the opposite conditions of a gloomy/cold UK evening in twilight.

Thankfully the driver was safe in the collision as supercar manufacturers take extreme precautions to ensure the safety of occupants inside their V12 death-machines.

It looks like the driver was trying to show off or scare the electric scooter rider (as seen at 0:25 on the left side of the screen). Ferrari 812 Superfast accident that destroyed the car in no time. 🙁

If you need a good laugh to brighten your day at the expense of someone’s (most likely) biggest insurance write-off, take a quick peruse through the comments of the original Youtube I’ve linked above.

Youtube User Neokibo’s comment is a great highlight:

That right hand jolt did the trick mate… with such poor skill even with a rear wheel drive Hyundai Pony he would manage to lose control. Glad no one got hurt with the stupidity.”

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