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Top Gear vs Car Trek Police chase

People love Police chase videos. That’s why YouTube has thousands of police chase video. So far, the best chase video which is also funny and entertaining was the Top Gear chase video. Now, Top Gear impersonators (or future Grand Tour presenters) Tavarish, Ed and Hoovie have their own police chase video in their latest Car Trek 4 series. I have put both the videos together below for you to compare and see which one is better. Please comment below on the one you pick is good.

Car Trek 4 Police chase

Top Gear Police chase


I am a great fan of The Top Gear (previous as well as current), The Grand Tour and also Car Trek. Anything car related and funny and entertaining, then I am in. These videos are compared only for entertainment purpose. I wish Good Luck to the Car Trek 4 team who is entertaining more frequently. Please comment below, your pick from the above two videos.

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