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Gunther Werks Porsche 993 tops McLaren P1 lap time

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Gunther Werks Porsche 993 – Excuse me?

Randy Pobst took this amazing Porsche 993 Remastered by Gunther Werks for a spin around Laguna Seca Raceway and managed to clock a blistering 1:30.99. The Autocar YouTube channel documented the entire run, and it’s nothing less than amazing.


If you are unfamiliar with Laguna Seca and what may or may not be classified as a ‘good lap time’. Apparently, the unofficial production car lap record for the track is held by the Porsche 918 Spyder. Apparently it has a lap time of 1:29.89. The Mclaren P1 managed to run a 1:30.71, meaning that this ol’ restomod Porsche is about as fast as the P1.

This Gunther Werks Porsche 993 features an air-cooled 4L naturally-aspirated flat-six (it’s important to keep up with Porsche’s heritage) that produces 431 horsepower and 312 lb-ft of torque. For context, the Maclaren P1 produces around 900 horsepower, meaning that there is far more to this car and its insane lap times than just the engine.

Gunther Werks Porsche 993

Gunther Werks has included tons of carbon fibre into this build. This is to keep the car as light as physically possible (2500 pounds). Evidently, the upgraded brakes and adjustable third-party suspension keeps the car manageable. Even through the twists and bends of the chaotic Laguna Seca Raceway.

Gunther Werks Inspiration

GW came from the mind behind Vorsteiner. This company for 14 years has become a global leader in car mods and builds. Moreover, they are one of the best in building innovative and quality carbon fibre products. The GW senior team has more than 75 years of international market experience. Especially in the modification and custom build car industry. But most importantly they are Porsche enthusiasts to the core. Apparently, it’s only when you have a passion for a marque that runs this deep can you focus and create a masterpiece with meticulous details & no compromise.

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