The Morgan 3 Wheeler P101 – end of production

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Say Goodbye to the Iconic 3 Wheeler

Morgan revealed the 3 Wheeler P101, which will be the final iteration of the 3 Wheeler in its current form. This version of the car (trike?) will celebrate the nearly decade-long production run.

Morgan 3 wheeler P101

Matthew Humpries crafted this beautiful 3 wheeler. He was the youngest design chief for the company and really any major car company ever. It wasn’t his only creation, but it’s one of his most memorable.

The 3 Wheeler P101 is named after the internal model code for the 3 Wheeler upon its development. The type approval for its S&S V-twin engine is set to expire at the end of 2021. That is the reason why it is going to the end of life.

Morgan 3 wheeler P101

IT has a composite resin tonneau covering the passenger side of the cockpit. Also there is a new low-drag aero-disc wheel with a brass wheel hub. Moreover, there are two Hella spot lamps out front. In order to reduce turbulence, they are mounted low to the ground.

Additionally, the car sports straight-cut exhausts. They are ceramic coated in alternating colors. There’s a small fly screen, new louvers, and exposed rivets. 

You can also add a few different customization options including Dazzleship that brings military-inspired elements and the Aviator pack that adds nose art from WWII RAF planes.

Morgan P101

In terms of performance, things have not changed. You still get the 2.0-liter S&S V-twin engine that sends 68 hp and 95 lb-ft of torque to the single rear wheel. This vehicle can still do a 0 to 62 mph run in about 7 seconds and it will top out at 115 mph. It can do this because of its light 585 kg curb weight.

Tribute to the legendary car

Production of this vehicle is underway right now. Apparently, It will cost £45,000 (about $59,700). Also, I’m not seeing expected production numbers. Apparently, these are exclusives and Morgan is going to build very few.

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