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Rapper Blueface Corvette C8: driving @ 157 MPH

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Rapper ‘Blueface’ posted a video of himself to his Instagram story of driving his mid-engine Corvette C8 at 157 miles per hour (252 kph) to his 6.5 million loyal fans. The worst part? He was driving with one hand and filming with his phone in the other.

Hitting 157 mph on a public road with one hand barely holding the top of the steering wheel is one thing. But doing it in busy Los Angeles is another thing in its own right. The rapper has already had his legal team scour the internet and take down all videos of the event (a smart idea for such a dumb guy). So unfortunately I cannot share with you the original video that was reposted by Instagram user saycheesetv.

Rapper Blueface Instagram Video

If you examine the video/images closely, you can see that the car has its rev-limiter set to 4000 RPM. Moreover, this is hinting to the fact that this car is brand new and hasn’t passed its break-in period. Or to say, is still cold and needs warming up. It’s probably not the best idea to redline your rev-limited new corvette, but by the looks of things this individual has very little care for rules.

Apparently, Blueface has a rough history with driving dangerously, as well. Just in July of this year, he posted a video of his totaled Porsche Panamera being loaded onto a flat deck trailer with the caption ‘another one’, hinting to the fact that this happens frequently. Hopefully, it doesn’t take him killing another driver for him to learn his lesson.


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What do you think about this driving? Do you think it is safe to drive like this? Do you think this celebrity needs some policing? Please leave a comment below.

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