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McLaren Sabre: 824-HP car. But only for US customers?

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McLaren Special Operations’ bespoke division has produced 15 cars exclusively for U.S customers. The first McLaren Sabre has been delivered by McLaren Beverly Hills, saying the Sabre has “ideas and innovations that global homologation would not permit,” which explains why it’s only available to US customers. 

McLaren Sabre

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McLaren’s latest limited-run hypercar is here, and it’s a whole lot rarer than anything else McLaren has put out in the past few years. Called the Sabre, it’s essentially a production version of McLaren’s Vision Gran Turismo concept car, and only 15 will be built. Strangely, the first official photos and info about the Sabre come not from McLaren itself but from the McLaren Beverly Hills dealership, which is delivering its first Sabre this week.

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This car is powered by an 824-hp, 590ft-lb torque, twin-turbo V-8. This happens to be the most powerful non-hybrid engine to date. Also, this car has claimed a top speed of 218-mph (350kph) with the Sabre. McLaren is not sharing any other specifications at this time. But we should see some soon, it’ll be tough to hide an 824-hp Sabre from anyone.

Apparently, each one of the Sabre’s has been built specially for each customer and they were welcomed along the development process. Evidently, the Sabre’s styling looks as if the McLaren Speedtail and Senna had a child, it’s best of both worlds. The car has the “sleekness of a Speedtail and the amazing aero of a Senna.

Apparently, McLaren told Car&Driver that the other 14 cars will be delivered in the coming months. Also, It didn’t disclose the Sabre’s price, but Car&Driver says “it’s likely well over $1 million”. Do you think this should be sold outside US as well? Please express your interest in the comments below.

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