Ferrari 296 GTB reimagined

Ferrari 296 GTB reimagined by an Australian artist

Ferrari 296 GTB reimagined by an Australian artist. Ferrari 296 GTB is the all new mid-engine sports car recently revealed by Ferrari. Many classic Ferrari enthusiasts are so excited about this cars’ design inspirations from Ferrari Dino and Ferrari 250 LM. The side view and the third-rear quarter view of this car has design queues from Dino and 250 LM. But not so in the front and in the rear. While this is a nice blend of classic and contemporary, some people are asking for more classic design inspirations in the front and the rear.

Ferrari 296 GTB Front View

The front view of the 296 GTB is absolutely stunning with a jaw dropping contemporary design. While it is really cool, there is no classic touch to it as can be seen below.

The original design

Four Front View Designs

Ferrari 296 GTB reimagined

Details about all the four front view designs are as follows.

Design 1: 250 LM headlights with vents and side indicators

In the below design, the artist has replaced the head light with the head light of Ferrari 250 LM. It is also very similar to that of the Ferrari Dino head light. In the below render, the rest of the design like the vents and the indicators are left as it is in the original design. This looks absolutely contemporary with a beautiful classic touch.

Design 1


Design 2: 250 LM headlights with narrow vents and side indicators

This design is pretty much like the above with one subtle difference. The vent has been made smaller and the black trim around the vent is replaced with the body colour paint. Though it is a subtle change, it adds a sea of difference to the look of this car. I prefer design 2 over design 1.

Design 2

Design 3: 250 LM headlights with side indicators and no vents

This design removes the vents all together but it retains the indicators which finishes along the lines of the bonnet. It looks very contemporary and elegant. I believe, this design is much better than the previous one. It looks more contemporary though it has the classic 250 LM head lights.

Design 3

Design 4: 250 LM headlights with side indicators and no vents

For pure classic lovers, the below design is an absolute treat. It has the striking 250 LM head lights with all the other bells and whistles removed. It looks sleek and absolutely blends well with the rest of the car design. I initially presumed that it would look like a Porsche. But it is absolutely brilliant and I am giving 10/10 for this design.

Ferrari 296 GTB reimagined

Design 4

Ferrari 296 GTB Rear View

Ferrari has absolutely nailed the rear view design of its Ferrari 296 GTB. There are lot of critics about the tail pipe and the rear lights design which has lost a bit of Ferrari essence. The artist has come up with three different options for those who want options with the tail light design.

Original Design


Three Rear View Designs

Ferrari 296 GTB reimagined

Design 1: World’s smallest tail lights

In this design, the artist has completely reduced the tail lights to absolute minimum. It looks so clean and minimalistic. Though it is not having any classic or contemporary Ferrari design, it actually looks very futuristic. The design also finely blends with rest of the car.

Ferrari 296 GTB reimagined

Design 1

Design 2: 288 GTB tail lights under the rear deck line

This design brings back Ferrari’s iconic two round tail light design. The below lights are similar to that of the 288 GTB. The lights are placed right below the rear deck lid and next to the wing. This is very similar to that of the Ferrari 288 GTB rear view. It is also similar to that of the Ferrari 308 series as well. This design is very iconic.

Design 2

Design 3: 288 GTB tail lights above the rear deck lid

This design is similar to that of the iconic twin tail light Ferrari F430 design. The main difference between design 2 and design 3 is that the lights are placed above the rear deck lid. Same is also seen in the F430 tail light design. If we replace the double with single tail light on each side, it will look like the tail light of Ferrari 488.

Ferrari 296 GTB reimagined

Design 3

What is your favourite design?

Ferrari 296 GTB reimagined by the Australian artist Nirmal Princely. Hope you enjoyed this article. Please comment below with your favourite design.