Eighteen brand new Ferrari 488GTBs destroyed to create eighteen Arese RH95

Touring Superleggera has come up with a new line up of their cars. It is called the Arese RH95. These cars are made out of brand new Ferrari 488 GTBs. Yes, they have taken brand new Ferrari 488 GTBs and completely changed them to superlight weight supercar.

Check out full video review of the Arese RH95 here

Below are some of the highlights and snapshots from the video

The below images are snapshots from Harry’s Garage video who is the rightful owner of the video and hence the snapshots.

1. Ferrari 488GTB donor car

Arese RH95

2. Arese RH95 being unveiled

4. Clamshell design

5. Dihedral doors

6. Double rear camera (one of them feeds the rear view mirror)

7. Behemoth Exhaust

8. Beautiful slim tail lights

9. Only 18 will be produced

10. The donor car is hilariously not hidden 🙂

11. Side view with the roof scoop

12. Front view with little Ferrari 488 GTB resemblance

13. Best view for this car

14. The fog lights are as sleek as the tail lights


It has become a new business for many professional companies to take donor cars and completely re-create new cars. Since they are rare, there is a huge interest among collectors to sought after these cars. If Ferrari is fine with it, I suppose we should also be fine with it.

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