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1935 Bentley Tourer Wallpaper Collection

1935 Bentley Tourer. We have collected the ultimate collection of the best Wallpapers and HD backgrounds for you to enjoy. Our team focused on finding the top Wallpapers only to keep the quality high. These Wallpapers are free to download so go ahead. To download any of these pictures for use as a wallpaper, right click the picture and choose Save As…

1935 Bentley Tourer

A stylish 2dr tourer, well-proportioned, lightweight & reminiscent of a VdP design of the day. The ‘cutaway’ doors, rear-mounted spare wheel, quarter bumpers, correct lamps, horns, etc, all add to the car’s handsome looks. A few years ago a new cylinder head and an oil filter conversion were fitted. We feel it likely that the engine was overhauled at the same time, although we have no way of confirming this so cannot claim it to be so. The car was fully re-wired in 2016 & in 2018 the car was stripped to bare aluminium, partially dismantled body-wise, wings removed, etc and treated to a fabulously high quality re-paint, not something we say that lightly.

1935 Bentley Tourer

The standard of the paintwork is second to none, contributing of course to the smart overall appearance of the car, which extends to the very correct & clean engine bay. B192DG is in good order mechanically too, with a nice engine, gearbox, etc, light, agile & driving well. The car represents very good value when compared either to an original-bodied example of similar style in equivalent condition, or other re-bodies currently available. We imported the car from France in 2016, re-registered it on its original 1935 UK number & it has just come back from the owner of the last 3 years. Offered serviced, prepared & newly MoT’d.

1935 Bentley Tourer 1935 Bentley Tourer

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